“There are people who are excitable by nature and allow themselves to become angry for the most trivial of reasons. Judo can help such people learn to control themselves. Through training, they quickly realize that anger is a waste of energy, that it has only negative effects on the self and others.” Dr. Jigoro Kano Founder of Judo.

Long answer short, expect to sweat. Every class is a blended mixture of stand up style grappling to mat work style ground fighting resembling that of BJJ. There will be portions of instruction going over new technique, drills to ingrain those techniques into you, and randori (sparring) to test what you have learned in a live enviorment. 

  • Current national and international level competition and coach experience.
  • Wide range of student age, rank, abilities, and sizes for you to partner with.
  • Class videography for active review of technique and strategy.
  • Proven competitive training methods in both ground work and standing.
  • Our active coaching staff travels the world (Europe, Asia, and South America) and brings back a wealth of new tactics and techniques to keep things fresh.

For your 1st class in any age group you should bring a water bottle, positive attitude, and a will to learn. Wahadachi will provide a loaner uniform to fit you if needed until you are ready to decide if Judo is right for you. 

What Should I expect from class?.

Wahadachi Judo was founded by James Peterson in 1985 at Hadfield elementary until it relocated to Milwaukee in 1988.   WORK IN PROGRESS

5410 North Lovers Lane Road, Milwaukee, WI, United States   |  +1.414.719.0298  |  Wahadachijudo@me.com

The Wahadachi Difference:

Wahadachi Judo - A Long Standing Pillar in the Judo  Community  

5410 N. Lovers Lane rd

Milwaukee WI 53225


What should I bring?

About Wahadachi

Why Judo?

  • Judo is the world's most practiced martial art and second most practiced sport.
  • In youth it builds respect, athleticism, confidence, social ability, and the forgotten art of honor.
  • Judo sharpens the mind, gets you off the couch, burns calories, keeps you social, and builds relationships.
  • For other martial artists such as BJJ it can improve your stand up phase or show you another side of ground work you may not have encountered before.

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